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Golden Sun Disc of Mu, Hopi Piki bread and Swedish Motorcyclists - December 12th 2005

"God is real, so the more real you become the more like God you'll be"

"The best way to have your dreams come true is to wake up"

"Self Judgment is the only judgment there is."

Making Piki Bread on 2nd Mesa




In Hopi Land, Ray, Kachinas, Eric, the Motorcycle and Piki bread


As I watched the documentary about Navajos living in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona I had a longing for a simpler life. I watched a woman bake 'piki bread' on a hot stone. Piki bread is a mixture of blue cornmeal and fine ashes and is baked as an offering at the start of the growing season. It takes skill for the baker not to burn their fingers while spreading the batter evenly on the hot stone to produce the paper thin piki bread that is then rolled or folded up and eaten. It's a eucharist of sorts, an offering - it is corn, it is Life, it is honoring the Earth, it's an offering for a good growing season. It is said that the person eating the Piki bread will taste their own spirit in the bread. A bitter person will taste bitter, a sweet person will taste sweet and so on. Seeing the woman on the TV show baking her Piki bread I had a desire - a longing for something so 'earthy', something simple, actually bread made w/ a portion of ashes from Mother Earth. I wanted something strong and grounded, something simpler, something real. I told no one of this passing wish.

A few weeks later my friend Ray came to visit. He suggested that we go to the Hopi Lands to look for Kachinas from certain artists that he wanted to meet personally. I don't collect Kachinas but thought I would enjoy the adventure. Off we went. I had been holed up in my apartment and feeling very disconnected from our current society, interpreting it as soulless, money worshiping, and generally off track from real God.

Ray had rented a brand new bright green Ford Explorer. We drove the miles east of Flagstaff Arizona into the otherworldly landscape of wide open skies and rocks. The road we were on fed right into the entrance road up to Second Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. The Hopi live primarily in Old Oraibi, Second Mesa and Third Mesa. We drove up into Second Mesa. At the first 'Y' we went to the left and Ray was keeping his eyes peeled for little signs of Kachina carvers. I was a little nervous at him taking out his big camera and taking pictures, I didn't want to offend anyone. We turned around after a while and went back to the 'Y'. There were some people talking outside a house. We stopped and asked if they knew anyone that carved Kachinas. The man said yes, with a little grin and went in his house and came back out with a plastic troll doll, showed it to us and started laughing. We all laughed. After a little chatting, the lady asked us if we'd give her a ride up to her house. We said sure. We drove up past the cemetery and curved around to the left with the open sky as our only drop to the right as we climbed the cliff. Our passenger was obviously Native American but looked more Navajo than Hopi. I asked her what her name was. She said Victoria with laughter playing in her eyes...I smiled.

"And what's your last name?" I asked

"Anderson." she said laughing.

Now Anderson is the most common Swedish name there is, it's like Smith would be in english. I was stunned. She laughed, but the way she laughed was like some Heyeyoka trickster spirit shaman that was on assignment to play with me. I accepted her 'joke'. But how could she possibly know that I'm swedish? My mind wrestled with itself trying to make sense of it.

We saw the outhouse that hung over the 1000 foot cliff on the right, none to well attached to the cliff it looked like to me. She said to keep driving, take a right and eventually we came to the edge of the mesa itself and her house was right there, the last lived in house before the edge of the cliff. Ray parked the bright green SUV close to the edge. We had driven by the ceremonial plaza where I knew the Hopis held their ceremonial dances that very few white people were invited to anymore. We saw the kiva - the mother earth womb chamber half way in the earth and half out with a hole in the top and a ladder down into it right across the dirt road from our lady friends house. Ray in his innocence asked if he could take a picture of himself sitting at the entrance of the kiva...I cringed a little...but she thought about it for a second and said 'Sure'.

In her house Ray was looking at her husbands carvings of Kachinas. I wasn't thinking of wanting anything and then she nonchalantly spun around and said:

"Oh, by the way, I just made Piki bread, would you like some?" and then she looked right at me.

No one knew of my wish a few weeks earlier to experience real Piki bread. I was struck dumb again, feeling a little spied on by God - and loved. I bought a special gourd from her as a wedding gift for a friend and Ray found a Kachina he liked.

We saw no other persons up on top of Second Mesa, it was like a ghost town. Only one 'crazy man' staring out of a window at us that I asked our friend about and she waved it off with small comment.

On the way down hill again 'Victoria' came with us and we stopped by the same house as earlier. There were some kids kicking a little ball around. Ray having been a soccer coach for kids for years started to kick the ball with them. He asked one of young boys what his name was.

"Eric." the young boy said.

Now it was Ray's turn to be dumbstruck. It looked like lightning had hit him. His normal social self stopped for a timeless moment.

On the trip out to the Hopi Land Ray had been talking to me about his younger brother Eric who had passed away. Ray had some personal concerns about his relationship with his younger brother and if he had been there for him enough before his death and just some feelings he was working out. But Eric had been on his mind and he had shared some of that with me.

"Eric, is my name." said the obviously Hopi 12 year old boy. And again, Eric is one of the most common swedish names of course.

My mind was dealt another blow. None of it made sense. After a while we said goodbye to everyone, got in the car and headed down off Second Mesa. On the way down I was thinking to myself how much farther away from growing up in blond hair blue eyes territory of winter snows Sweden could I get than being here on the Hopi Mesas. And I still was fighting the obvious signs of God playing with me -- Victoria Anderson! Eric!...and my mind still tried to call it a fluke, a weird coincidence. Just as I thought that, I looked out the window and coming up the hill in the other direction was a solid black motorcycle, with a person on it also clad in all black, with a full helmet on ( there had been no one else there all morning, no other traffic, no other people except the ones we've talked to) and as he passes us...

...he has a SWEDISH FLAG! flying off the back of the motorcycle!...going up onto Second Mesa in Hopi Land...

At this point I mind gives in.

and then I hear God whisper in my ear --

"I reach everywhere--mine is a fluid universe -- we-you-I are all connected, I can manifest any signs, any where, any time..."

I see-hear-feel God saying

'I love you, I am with you, I know all your history, all your connections, I am right here with you, I am right behind your breath, I am inside your heart beat, I am all ways here for you.'

I just feel my hopeless feeling alone that I've been feeling for the last few weeks...I feel how God is really right Here and Now all the Time. My mind and heart meld into...




Most Marriages end with a 'Stale-Mate'!

Why is there the '7yr itch'? Why do 2/3 married people 'cheat' on their spouses? Why are most marriages ending in divorce? and the ones that do last are most often a 'stale mate' an avoiding of talking, a compromise, an agreement to avoid certain subjects? Or sexless. Or emotion less - 'the Thrill is gone' marriages?

If more than half end in divorce and that the remaining ones most are a suppressed emotions 'stale mate' that probably means that 90% of marriages or long term relationships are not working! If we are measuring that a relationship is there to add something good, enjoyable, supportive to our lives. Most are not enjoyable, supportive, life affirming, wanting the best for each other.

In most relationships today there is feeling hampered, controlled, weighed down by 'the other'. We have to hide, obfuscate, calculate how it will 'look', if we do certain things. We are not allowed to be ourselves, to be 'free' when we are in relationships. Certainly in the beginning we feel a 'high', a euphoria of chemical energy mixing with a lover. But why do practically all relationships eventually if not outright battle and anger at each other, degenerate into 'stale Mates'?

Why? What's wrong with our model of doing relationships? What has happened?

In business, where survival of the business is dependent on it actually functioning i.e. making money, if something isn't working it has to be fixed or you're out of business very soon, bankrupt. Why has the institution of marriage/relationships, at least the way we're doing them, not worked for so long? And why do we keep trying it, even though it mostly causes pain for people? Why are we artificially pushing, stressing, trying to save our model of marriages that doesn't work? 'By their fruits ye shall know them' --the fruit of most marriages is overwhelmingly, if we're willing to come out of denial and tell the truth about it - pain! stress, unhappiness, people hurting one another? Bitterness, years of feeling 'wronged' by an ex spouse or partner. Carrying that kind of animosity is not healthy for us (doctors will tell you that) or children, flowers, animals...the eath itself. What we think and feel radiates out around us just like radio energy waves. We are electomagnetic generators. Our spinal column and brain are electomagnetic senders and receivers. How else could we measure our thougths by EEG machines at the hospital?

Ask yourself, without prejudice (i.e. without pre juding what the answer 'should' be)-- would a loving 'God' (if you believe in God) or an Intelligent Universe, would they create a model that mostly creates pain, stress, damage to the spirit of it's created children?

Then who/or what likely created our current model of Marriage / Relationships? Is it a model created by those who like to control others? Who benefits from 'divide and conquer'? Are there beings or systems that feed off of others pain?

Honestly, openly, freshly examining questions about the whole institution of Marriage is seldom done because it is wrapped - shrouded in religious fear, in 'tradition', in unquestioned sacred 'that's just the way it SHOULD be done' old thought patterns. Many people on earth today don't even allow the question to be asked. It's like it is a sacrilige to ask a question about something fundamental about how we live. But our way of doing Marriages/Relationships is obviously not working today on Earth currently if you measure it by how much love, enjoyment, pleasure, caring, support, wanting good for each other there ends up being in most relationships. Most start out of course with good will and love with a 'honeymoon' period of love, caring, and hope but end up in hateful divorces w/ pit bull lawyers fighting it out in court by any means possible. Most relationships end up wishing ill, pain, revenge, suffering on the 'other' the 'bad' 'evil' ex mate or spouse. Or they end up strained, emotionally stunted, or at the best in 'stale mate' truces. That can't be a good energy to pollute the atmosphere on Earth with. Since thoughts are 'things', since thoughts are energy, every thougth we have affects the collective thought patterns-psychic environment on Earth.

So the question becomes who or what is interested in creating fearful, suspicious, hopeless, angry, or outright battling relationships. One indicator of what's really going on under the surface in our current model of doing marriage/relationships is that whenever there is a murder the Police investigators immediately investige spouses or lovers!!!! What does that tell us? Most Marriages/Relationships are almost outright war! to the point of actually killing each other. Wow! Think about it, feel it. Just because it's 'normal' and what occurs all around us, doesn't mean that it's OK, or loving, or sane. Obviously parts of our 'civilization' are completely insane.

Have you had enough pain from the old models to want out yet?


Land of Mu, The Golden Sun Disc & the Maxin Flame

There is a story-legend-myth about a Golden Sun Disc. A disc made from pure gold, not regular gold, but transmuted gold, etheric gold, gold that is a step up in vibrational frequency. Gold that is a doorway - gateway between dimensions and worlds. In the land of Mu - Lemuria this Golden Sun Disc existed and was kept in a temple. The disc itself was held in place by spun golden ropes. The priest-Initiates could tone the disc, tap the disc, and travel on the tones to other dimensions and to other places on the Earth. The Adept-Initiate would tune in mentally with the tone and then Image-In the place to travel to. The body of the initiate would have to be pure enough to be able to step into-through this dimensional gateway and survive.

Mu-Lemuria eventually underwent massive land upheavals and sinkings. Modern day India and Madagascar are remnants of this land mass. The Ramayana and Mahabarata 'myths' of India have stories of the 'gods' that existed in Mu. Skandava, the son of Shiva, Ganesha, are two that are still worshiped today.

As the sinkings occured Lord Amaru Meru brought the Golden Sun Disc from Mu to Lake Titicaca in modern day Peru. The disc was then moved to the temple of Korikancha in modern day Cuzco during the height of the Inca empire. When the conquistadors came, the disc was returned to a hiding place by lake Titicaca. The disc cannot be found 'physically' by archealogists today because it literally exists in another dimension from ours. As we open back up, as the energy dimensions on the planet start raising in vibration, the Disc will again become available to our reality.

The Korikancha temple in Cuzco was built over by the Spanish Conquistadors and made into a monastery. Many of the stones were hauled away as portions of the temple were torn down for building materials. However a severe earthquake in the 1950's brought a large part of the monastery down and exposed the original stones of the Korikancha temple. These stones have been the source of much study. They are fitted together without any mortar, perfectly sized so that you cannot slip a razor blade or piece of paper in between them, yet are completely earthquake resistant. So, today one can visit the Korikancha and see the walls, gates and some complete rooms that were saved by being overbuilt by the monastery.

Koricancha Temple room and Gate inside the Dominican Priory in Cuzco

These stories of the Golden Sun Disc are considered 'legends', 'fanciful fantasies' by local 'primitives' in the eyes of our current academicians and scientists. But as time goes by we realize that these legends around the globe are actually accurate descriptions of long ago events.

Here Archangel Gabriel shares a message about the Golden Sun Disc--

Archangel Gabriel speaking:

"(When Jesus was born) I was Gabriel of the Sun, as my Brothers, but since that time I have been Gabriel of the Star Craft until this work is completed.
I speak now of world government, with your permission. Atlantis shall again have a Poseid, and Lemuria a Zorai (that is, a King or Queen). The Inca shall have their Inca, and Egypt a Pharaoh. In Egypt, one of the great centers of world government, as a NEW Pharoah starts a new dynasty, it shall be known in millennia to come by historians as The Golden Dynasty. The great seven colonies of the Motherland (Lemuria) are returning, as well as the Motherland. The Brotherhood (of the Seven Rays) at Lake Titicaca (Peru) will return the great Golden Sun Disc to the Temple of the Sun. (Held by ropes of pure gold in a shrine in the greatest Temple of Divine Light of the Motherland of Mu (Lemuria)was the gigantic Golden Disc of the Sun. Before it, on an altar, which was a pillar carved out of solid stone, there blazed the eternal white Light of the crystalline Maxin Flame, the Divine Limitless Light of Creation).
The new government of the world shall be based on the ancient government of the Sun, which modern scientists do not understand. It was NOT the worship of the Sun itself. It was the purest form: the adoration of ATON (the One God as represented by the Sun)---the AT-ONE-MENT that the Master (Jesus) created by the giving of His blood that poured from His side on Golgotha. It established the vibration in the Earth that made forever the eternal ray from the Earth to the Father, a ray that will not end. This was the purpose and meaning of His death on Calvary."

"Held by ropes of pure gold in a shrine in the greatest Temple of Divine Light of the motherland of MU was the gigantic Golden Disc of the Sun.Before it, on a altar,which was a pillar carvede out of solid stone, there blazed the eternal white Light of the crystalline Maxin Flame,the Divine Limitless Light of Creation.About 30,000 b.c. the Maxin Light went out at the altar because of the evil of some of the priest-scientists of Great Mu.The Sun Disc remained in the shrine,however,until the final destruction and submergence of 10-12.000 b.c. As we said before,this Disc was not merely used as a object of adoration,nor was it the symbolic representation of our Solar Sun. It was also a scientific instrument,and the secret of it's power came originally out of the dim past in the time of the El-der Race.In part,it eas an object of adoration because it served in ritualstic temple services as a focus or point of concentration for those meditating. It also servedas a symbolic representation of the Great Central,or Cosmic Sun, which in turn,symbolizes the Creator.As a scientific instrument it was used in connection with a complex system of mirrors of pure gold,reflectors and lenses to produce healing in bodies of those who were inside the Temple of Divine Light.Besides all these functions,the Sun Disc was a focal point for concentration of a dimensional quality. When the Disc was struck by the priest-scientist,who understood it's operation,it would set certain vibratory conditions which could even bring about great earthquakes and if continued long enough,might bring a change in the rotation of the Earth itself. When attuned to a person's particular frquency pattern it could transport this person whereever he wished to go merely by the mental picture he created.It was, therefore, an object of transportation. The Golden Sun Disc of Mu was not made of ordinary gold,but was transmuted gold,and unusal in it's qualities in that it was a translucent metal similar to the 'metal you can almost look through' of the UFOs. Lord Muru brought this disc with him when he journeyed to Lake Titicaca, and it was placed in a subterranean temple at the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. Here,it was used not only by the students of life daily,but also by the Masters and Saints from the Mystery Schools throughout the world so that they might be teleported back and forth to sit in Council or to partake of some Transmisson ceremony."

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